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When planted right and in the right spot Elaeagnus shrubs are exceptionally easy to grow and care for. Bark on older trunks peels in long, thin, narrow strips. The wild olive is a tree mainly cultivated for its fruit, which, in general, is acid and eatable. Fast growing and long-lived, Elaeagnus are most often used in the landscape to form quick natural or formal evergreen hedges and screens. Elaeagnus umbellata, commonly called autumn olive or autumnberry, is a large deciduous shrub or small sprawling tree of the Oleaster family that typically matures to 10-16’ tall and to 20-30’ wide. Features of this species include: (a) speckled, often thorny stems which are silvery or golden brown; (b) leathery elliptic leaves (2-3” long) with entire but often wavy margins which are grayish green with distinctive silver scales on the undersides; (c) fragrant, funnel-shaped, 4-petaled, silvery white to dull yellow flowers (each to 1/3” long) which bloom during the period of late April to early June in clusters (1-4 flowered umbels) drooping from the leaf axils; (d) fleshy, abundant, scale-dotted, edible fruits which ripen to a speckled red in early fall (September-October); (e) abundant seeds, many of which are widely disseminated by birds to often distant locations. It commonly bears sharp thorns in the form of spur branches. Eleagnus umbellata is an invasive deciduous shrub or small tree that becomes quite competitive even in poor soils. Elaeagnus umbellata – this is a large deciduous variety with silvery foliage and small, fragrant flowers in late spring, followed by red fruits. It can fix nitrogen in its roots. Silvery yellow-white flowers and silvery fruit. This is a nitrogen-fixing shrub/small tree that tolerates a wide variety of soils including poor unfavorable ones. Elaeagnus umbellata - Thunb. Fully ripe fruits are juicy, sweet and tart, and may be eaten fresh off the shrub, dried or cooked (pies, jams or preserves).The genus name Elaeagnus comes from the Greek words elaia meaning "olive tree" and agnos meaning "chaste" or "pure".The specific epithet ubellata comes from the Latin word umbellatus meaning "bearing umbels" in reference to the flowers appearing in axillary umbels. Elaeagnaceae. It can fix nitrogen in its roots. Physical Characteristics. Used extensively for wildlife habitat, strip mine revegetation, and shelter belts, autumn olive thrives in disturbed areas open to full sun. It's native to Korea, Japan, and China. In areas where it is not considered to be invasive, it can be used as an effective background plant, screen or informal hedge. It can reach 12-15 feet in height. Invasive Species Specialist Group. It is native to China, Japan and Korea. Flower: Bell-shaped, 1/2 inch long, very fragrant, lacking petals, yellow-white, appearing in spring. It was introduced into the U.S. from Japan in 1830, with initial uses including strip mine reclamation areas, ornamental shrub applications and wildlife cover/food. Seeds are dispersed by birds. Cooperative Extension prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex (including pregnancy), disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and veteran status. Elaeagnus umbellata 'Autumn Olive' Autumn Olive is not related to true olives, which depending on how you feel about olives could be a good or bad thing. form a strategic partnership called N.C. N.C. It was commonly planted for wildlife food and cover. Elaeagnus umbellata is a deciduous Shrub growing to 4.5 m (14ft) by 4 m (13ft) at a medium... Synonyms. The autumn olive shrub is easy to identify when it is in flower or once the fruits have matured. It has sharp thorns, pale white to yellow heavily fragrant flowers, and vibrant red berries. Deciduous - elliptic, wavy-margined leaves to 10cm (4in) long.Height - 5m (16ft) Autumn Olive - Elaeagnus umbellata - €10 per plant or €13 - 'Brilliant Rose' cultivar The Autumn Olive is fast growing has Nitrogen Fixing capabilities and when planted with fruit trees is said to increase the overall yield of the orchard by 10% whilst themselves producing a yield of delicious berries. Autumn Olive (Elaeagnus umbellata) Introduced to the U.S. from Asia, autumn olive is a fast-growing woody shrub or tree that can attain 20 feet in height. Where is this species invasive in the US. The leaves are simple and alternate and the margins are entire (no teeth). Undersides of the leaves have a silvery sheen. Fragrant white flowers bloom in May, and it reportedly improves soils where it's planted. It ripens to red, dotted with silver or brown and is edible. A member of the Elaeagnaceae family, Elaeagnus umbellata Thunb is also known by its common name of Autumn Olive. The fruit contains high amounts of lycopene. Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Global Invasive Species Database - Elaeagnus umbellata (shrub, tree) IUCN. Broadleaf evergreen shrub or small tree, 6-12 ft (1.8-3.7 m) high, equal spread, irregular habit, branches often thorny, twigs yellow-brown or silvery. Their attractive silvery foliage also makes them useful as a large specimen shrub. autumn-olive Elaeagnaceae Elaeagnus umbellata Thunb. The currently accepted scientific name for autumn-olive is Elaeagnus umbellata Thunb. Invasive Plant Atlas of the United States - Autumn Olive. This shrub is now listed as an invasive species in a number of States in the central and eastern U.S. including several States where it has been banned for sale, distribution or cultivation. Introduced in 1830 as an ornamental plant that could provide habitat and food to wildlife, Autumn olive was widely planted by the Soil Conservation Service as erosion control near roads and on ridges. Autumn olive is a shrub that can grow up to 20 feet tall and 30 feet wide. Species Survival Commission. Read our Commitment to Diversity | Read our Privacy Statement. Autumn olive is often found in dense impenetrable thickets. This shrub is native to Asia and was introduced into the U.S. in the 1830's.

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