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Javier visits him again and gives him food, Alexander asks him to set him free but refuses to and tightens the mask and rope he is wearing. He meanwhile finds out about Alondra and Javier's mishap and Alexander kept in captive. Alondra tells him to escape and immediately hits his brother but doesn't fall out of consciousness. Her mother Jaclyn Jose confirmed the pregnancy news on TV Patrol. She later finds out that Alexander and Javier are in fact her sons with Joaquin, her true love. His duty took him to the mountains and it is there that he began to fill the void in his heart where he finds Javier, his twin brother. Furious, he asks what is happening with the group that even Javier is still missing. He immediately calls Alondra telling her that Lora has found out that she has given birth and it is only a matter of time that she'd know who her sons are. She wakes up after Lora and Jaime have spoken to her for a few seconds, looking at her daughter. She finds Mimi who fortunately made up an alibi. Meanwhile, he finds that Alexander who really is Javier kissing Gabrielle which gives Gabrielle a bad reputation. Jaime finds out that Alondra stole Alexander and Javier from Lora which leaves him turning his back on her daughter. He calls Diego and Ibon to take their revenge on them after Javier came in but to give him time to take Krista away from the house. They fail to save Alondra because in shortage of time. Cast. This incident brought Jaime closer back to her daughter Lora's arms whom he tries to comfort. Alondra calls him and informs him that she has captured Alexander and is back at the same building where they kept him captive when it really is Lora. Feisty and witty, she refuses to dwell on the sad side of life, She has two missions in life: Fulfill the romance of her life with her fellow rebel Javier and to avenge her parents' death. She witnesses Alondra being kidnapped up until Krista was still part of the rebels. Full Production Crew. Alondra later warns Tomas that if he is planning something that will reveal their secrets, she would kill Lora and that Tomas would be sent to jail. Positive of her decision of leaving, she re-visits Tomas and Lora and says goodbye for the final time refusing to say goodbye to Alexander. Alexander finally has taken his name up and in reverse of events, he gets locked up in the cage. Jaime later tells Edgardo that they have no choice but to let Tomas free with his alibi. Jaime gets a tip of where Gabrielle has been buried and immediately runs to the crime scene. They discover that Lora has gone missing and immediately searches for her with the help Berto. 03/02/2011 12:00 AM . Tomas faces him and tells him that he knows his past with Lora and tells him to stay away. A very principled and reliable man but unknowingly, he harbors a secret past one that continues to haunt him. Alexander shares that Gabrielle is one of the person that gives all her love. He is proven not guilty of the drugs and gun that Inigo and his friends planted on him. He finds out about the death of Gabrielle and links the pieces they have found and is sure that the missing piece is the person who witnessed the whole thing. As his surrogate mother, Lora takes amnesty he suffers from choosing between his supposed real mother Alondra and his birth mother Lora. Obviously, jealous and furious, Kaye stormed to the military camp and made a scene embarrassing Jaime in front of his company. He is meanwhile sent to prison with Ibon and Diego managing to escape. Alondra blames him for what is happening to her with the people she loves leaving her and that it is all his fault, Alexander tells him that it is her fault and that he stole his life but assures Alondra that he would never insult her because he still respects and loves her but Alondra tells him that she doesn't need his affection. This is where he met his beautiful but scheming wife Alondra and they were blessed with a child, Alexander. He immediately looks away and mourns in pain, asking why it had to be Gabrielle and wishes that it was him instead of her and vows revenge for the person who did this to his granddaughter and eventually finds Tomas' watch for which he was framed for killing Gabrielle. She frames Tomas of killing Gabrielle so that he could not tell the truth of their secret by taking Tomas' watch and planting it on Gabrielle's burial site. ‎Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews and buy Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin directed by Chito S. Roño for ₱ 499.00. And that Gabrielle has threw out and damaged her pride because of her affection for Alexander. Gabrielle still stands by Alexander's side and sees Krista's engagement ring with Alexander, she comforts him and goes to a club, Javier pretending to be Alexander gets drunk and she helps him go back home and reaches his bedroom. He uses this break up to get closer to Gabrielle and gets drunk and kisses her. Star Cinema's 1994 classic tells the close friendship between Terry (Maricel Soriano) and Melissa (Zsa Zsa Padilla) is tested when the latter falls in … He visits her sister again and asks him to go with him. While visiting Remedios in the hospital, he tells her that he wished that she could've loved her instead of his friend Jaime. Santiago plays a very minor role like Adel and has not been part of any tragedies. Missed the episodes of the high-rating series ‘Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin’? He changes the charges on Alondra and Javier and is now wanted. Related Posts. "Fantastic talaga ang Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin!!!!! I Will Only Love You Once / International Title: One Great Love) is a Philippine family military drama series that aired on ABS-CBN featuring an ensemble cast. Like Javier, he is constantly trying to ruin Alexander's name and trying to get him in trouble. Not knowing that Alexander and Krista are engaged. The rebels informs them that they have Alondra with them and sacrifices herself for her sister. She is the wife of Bernabe, one of the rebel leaders, and she is a surrogate mother to Javier. Meanwhile, she asks everyone if her mother is okay; her father who came outside the visiting tells her that Remedios is in a critical state, for which the father and daughter hugged and cried everything out. In Season 2, he creates a bond with Gabrielle, just as he wanted after Alexander focusing on his girlfriend Kaye. She decides to stick close to her brother so they won't be too suspicious that they know of their plans. Lora confronts her and Alondra begs her not to take Joaquin from her; Lora slaps her and assures her that she would take back everything from her. Javier apologises to her and immediately forgives him after all, they're best friends. "Just saw the pilot episode of Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin. Latest Movie Trailer. He forces his way out of jail but fails to wanting to see his grandmother. You Are the Only One I Will Love) is a 2017 Philippine drama television series starring Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Jake Cuenca and Coleen Garcia. She meanwhile comes back home only overhearing his brother, Diego and Ibon's plan for revenge. Krista is left out of the act not knowing that she was helping but sees that the house has been attacked. Alexander and his family visits Kaye's house to meet and get to know each other. He, Diego and Ibon attends Remedios' funeral and the three form a new group. In the visit, their house is attacked and Remedios unfortunately passes away. Alondra plays with his mind and tells him that they need to kill Alexander. Cainta Police Chief Superintendent Emmanuel Bautista identified the suspect as Apacible’s uncle, Armando Rustia, a 60-year-old seaman. He discovers about Gabrielle's kiss with Alexander (Javier) and tells her that it is all her fault because she didn't even try to refuse and since then decides to ignore her. Gabrielle tells him that he's wrong on thinking that no one loves him and that his family loves him even if they're not showing it. ABS-CBN preps up for the launch of another great teleserye that will strengthen their primetime line-up. The show aired from March 7, 2011 to August 19, 2011. Star Exclusives. Finally, Alexander finds a way to escape and breaks the padlocks and mask but is still locked inside. Minsan lang kitang iibigin (1994) - … | The police tell him the possibility that Gabrielle left the car to turn back on her life, or she got kidnapped or that she might be dead. She goes back home to her brother and tells him about Alexander's betrayal and later visits Lora and tells her that they would be moving because she can't handle all the drama anymore. Tomas falls into their arms after trying to catch after Alondra who has kidnapped Lora to fulfill their plan of killing them one by one. She overhears Alexander talking over the phone and finds out that he really is Alexander and not Javier. Diosdado "Ibon" Pamintuan (Jojit Lorenzo) is Diego's younger brother and was and still is in love with Krista. Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin is a Philippine family military drama series that aired on ABS-CBN featuring an ensemble cast. SHOW COMMENTS . Through his great jealousy and desperately wanting Gabrielle's affection, he pushes a case versus Alexander in the name of the society concerning his connections with the rebels, fortunately Alexander was plead not guilty for the accusations and was not sent to jail. Follow me on Twitter: Kristhan Joey Gabudao . See All Related Videos. He discusses with the real Alexander what happened before Gabrielle's disappearance and told Alexander about Gabrielle feeling ashamed of her grandfather, Alexander's family and Krista and that she is the victim. He also shares that they've kept Javier in the cage but he has escaped and says that he has only one suspicion on who helped Javier and that is Alondra. Alexander comes in unexpectedly and is confused on who is masked and later finds out that he has shot Alondra. Javier feels as if his love for him won't be equal as to Alexander. Sine Photos. Unfortunately Alexander only sees her as a friend. Up until the rebel formed their group he has stayed with his brother's side. While in Alexander's identity, he falls in love with Gabrielle, Alexander's childhood best friend, but she doesn't feel the same way. He is trapped by his brother and hits him. As they hold Alondra in captive he tries to save himself but faces Krista, his love of his life and Javier in the back of him and dies as Javier shoots him in defence. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Meanwhile, Jaime visits Lora, Tomas and Kaye and asks Lora to come with him. He decides that he would cremate her granddaughter and is given her ashes and Gabrielle's own Philippine flag. Diego and Ibon attack the house again after aiming for Javier putting Tomas and Lora's life in danger. She is jealous of Lora's growing relationship with their father and still thinks as if Remedios death was a favour to Lora to get back to their family. I love it very much!" Krista and Alexander overhears their plan but kept silent. Through her mother's tragic accident, she gets closer to her father once again who comforts her. Javier charges in their house and attacks Ibon, getting him furious and giving him more reason to kill him. Gabrielle feels as if even he's turning his back on her. With all the military surrounding their house, he orders one of them to check on his mother. Ikaw lang ang iibigin ko Kahit Ikaw ay lumayo At masaktan ako Asahan na ‘di maglalaho Ang pag-ibig ko’y tanging sa’yo lamang Kung kaya giliw dapat mong malaman Minsan lang kitang iibigin Minsan lang kitang mamahalin Ang pagmamahal sa’yo’y walang hangganan Dahil ang minsan, ay magpakailanman Minsan lamang sa buhay ko Ang ‘sang katulad mo Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at TVGuide.com Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin is an upcoming teleserye of ABS-CBN which is set to be shown on February, replacing Noah but with a different timeslot. He signs the papers that states that the doctors won't try to save her if she loses her breath again instead of Lora who was crushed of the happening. In Season 2, she snitches on Mimi to Alondra telling her that the former did not go to where she said she'd be going but instead went home to immediately pack her things and escape, bringing her life in danger. A year after, he celebrates his wedding with Krista and are now happy parents of twin brothers. She leaves the camp and sees Alexander who really is Javier and forces her to stay. After the visit, the rebels Diego and Ibon prepare to attack the house from the adjacent apartment. She finally finds Alexander and successfully resists the danger. Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin is a critically acclaimed Philippine family military drama series that aired on ABS CBN featuring an ensemble cast. After finding out that Mimi and Tomas are related, he brought into conclusion of the possibility that Alondra might've taken him from Lora and that Lora is his real mother, he takes a DNA sample and is meanwhile proven that Lora is in fact his mother. She tells her that if she is ready to make peace she is there.

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