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You can use any fruit in the center, such as peaches, plums and even berries. Arts & Design. Contributor “This chilled soup is kind of like the Russian version of gazpacho. Recipes; POPULAR; THANKSGIVING; Search; Profile Add a Recipe User Settings Log Out. Health. Cut carrot,turnip in cubes and stew in the pan with a little water until they are soft. Family & Parenting. Get full Okroshka (Ukrainian Version) Recipe ingredients, how-to directions, calories and nutrition review. Kefir-based okroshka recipe (for 6 portions) Ingredients: Maria Afonina . You may try russian or ukrainian shop, or, of course, you can prepare kvass yourself. Photo about Recipe of Russian national cold okroshka soup in a white plate on a light background. Iryna is from Ukraine. 400 g … Meanwhile boil the eggs. This is a recipe for Russian cold summer soup, or otherwise called “okroshka”. It's made of vegetables, ham eggs and you can use different seasonings. 60. min. Check out cold soup recipe from Russia - okroshka. Its a soup that I always ask my mom to make for me, and her version always turns out better. 22 août 2016 - Iryna and Joanne partnered up to demonstrate at the Caring Place Community Kitchen. Originally, the non-vegan version is prepared with both, raw and cooked vegetables, kvass, and garnished with sour cream. Since burlaks didn't have healthy teeth, they had to soak vobla in the kvass. This is the soup that associates with summer, with all the trips I took to my grandparents,. We’re not exactly sure where it originated in our family, but we love it! She served the Okroshka with […] Okroshka combines the crunch of fresh vegetables with meat and eggs to create a soup that is at once refreshing and filling. Recipe: Okroshka: Cold Kefir Soup From Russia. MAKE IT SHINE! It is a cold soup dish called Okroshka. I … Check out cold soup recipe from Russia - okroshka. This recipe is a very popular Ukrainian dish which originated from Russia. She demonstrated a very popular Ukrainian dish which originated from Russia. If you do make it in advance, remember to add the eggs only before you serve it. Gender & Relationships. It is a cold soup dish called Okroshka. For the lunch they were given salt-dried vobla. Books, Literature & Writing. Fashion & Beauty. Okroshka (Russian cold soup) Based on 21 ratings. Okroshka is best made 12-24 hours before serving and kept refrigerated so that all the flavors mix. Traditionally okroshka recipe contained kvass which was sometimes added to kefir or used on its own. Okroshka is a traditional Russian and Ukrainian cold soup. Cut radish and cucumbers in cubes, chop onion springs. Food & Cooking. Submerged these items in cold water after cooking. Resting. Let's cook another Russian dish - okroshka, it's a kind of a soup, but not quite. Russian cold soup was created by burlaks (people who hauled barges and other vessels upstream) on the Volga. Ingredients 300 g potatoes 60 g carrot 30 g turnip 60 g red radish 70 g onion springs 160 g cucumbers 90 g sour cream 3 eggs hard boiled dill salt, sugar to taste kvas to taste Directions Peel potatoes, boil them, cool down and cut into cubes. 0. min. Zutaten für 4 Portionen. Leave out the ham for a vegetarian version or swap it out with some smoked salmon.” Difficulty Easy 45. min. Kvass is a traditional Slavic fermented beverage made from rye bread (black bread). 4 Portionen. Schwierigkeit Einfach. Games, Toys & Hobbies . Autos. Gesamtzeit 50 Minuten. Iryna is from Ukraine. p.s. Okroshka is often made with rye kvass, a grain-based fermented beverage popular in Russia. Recipes / Chicken Breast. It’s simple, excellent, and reheats beautifully. Yes, kvas is a bit sweet, but it does not spoil the taste. Preparation. Serve these mashed potatoes with Juicy Roast Chicken and a… Read More. 0 Bewertungen. Okroshka (Ukrainian Version) Be the first to review this recipe. She served the Okroshka with […] Business & Employment. Finde was du suchst - lecker & brillant. Entertainment & Media. Baking. It's less common, but still traditional. Okroshka is a cold soup, usually eaten in the summer time Aug 8, 2014 - Okroshka – a traditional Russian dish, which is also popular in Ukraine. Okróshka is a cold soup of Russian/Ukrainian origin. Recipe by Member 610488. Sandra Schumann. She demonstrated a very popular Ukrainian dish which originated from Russia. Energie 333 kcal Eiweiß 23.1 g Fett 9.71 g Kohlenhydrate 33.6 g In "Meine Rezepte" speichern Zu meinen Rezepten. Recipe of Okroshka. Very refreshing, it’s the perfect recipe for a hot summer day. Iryna told us that she had been making this cold soup all her life. Don't know what to eat during hot summer days? The classic soup is a mix of mostly raw vegetables (like cucumbers, radishes and spring onions), boiled potatoes, eggs, and … Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes Recipe. Iryna told us that she had been making this cold soup all her life. Put the salad in a soup bowl, pour kvas over, add a dollop of sour cream, stir and enjoy the soup! Zubereitung 10 Minuten. Serve this cold soup on a hot day for a light and cooling meal that is full of nourishment. This is our go-to recipe for oven-roasted carrots. Okroschka: russische kalte Suppe. Dec 20, 2017 - Iryna and Joanne partnered up to demonstrate at the Caring Place Community Kitchen. Jetzt ausprobieren mit ♥ Chefkoch.de ♥. Probably love is the extra ingredient that she uses. This version, however, uses milk kefir. Image of hands, meal, background - 187529851 ADD YOUR PHOTO … This Ukrainian Apple Cake (Yabluchnyk) recipe is a family old recipe passed down through the generations. Okroschka - Wir haben 15 schöne Okroschka Rezepte für dich gefunden! Cucumbers; radish; minced cooked meat or kolbasa (bologna kind sausage) boiled eggs; scallion ; dill; boiled potatoes (optional) Chop all ingredients until you have a fine-cut salad as seen in the video. top view on a light background. November 16, 2020; 66 comments; Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes is the quickest and easiest way to make perfect mashed potatoes. This recipe is a very popular Ukrainian dish which originated from Russia. Education & Science. We love easy oven-roasted… Read More. Peel the potatoes, cut into pieces and boil for 10-15 minutes until cooked but not mushy.

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