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It can then be tested for continuity. Enter model number to search for the required part specific to your product, Browse our parts categories to select from a variety of parts for your product. Turned off the power at the breaker box, cut the wires approximately 5 inches from the bad receptacle and removed it after removing one screw. The surface element plugs onto a receptacle. The smooth cooktop is sensibly laid … If the contacts are visibly burnt or damaged, replace the element receptacle. The manufacturer sets the highest safe heat for each burner, so you cannot adjust it. Here are some typical problems that consumers experience when electric stove burner is not working: ● Electric Stove All Burners Not Working – It’s not heating properly ● Stove Top Not Working – It will not turn on ● My Stove Stopped Working – It is making weird or loud noises I have the same problem with the fogginess on my burners. If the surface element has continuity, the surface element board might be defective. Below we list common failures and the likely causes for them. ... burner control switch failure, temperature limiter not working properly, loose wiring. Slow and Uneven Heating. To connect your power cord to the rest of your appliance, wires run from the cord and are connected to a terminal block. You can burn your hands if … Instead of checking any outlet, you will want to check the circuit breaker itself. Share it! If this indeed is the cause for your stove not functioning, you will also want to investigate how the breaker got flipped in the first place, as it can be a sign of other issues. There are lots of problems which can occur with a stove. Be sure to shut off electricity to your stovetop before testing the cord and the terminals. How to test an oven’s surface burner terminal block & receptacle with a multimeter: Make sure the switch in your circuit breaker to your stove is in the “on” position and check for any blown fuses. Once accessed, you can trace the wires from the faulty burner to the burner control switch. This switch is responsible for controlling the flow of electricity. Solution 1: The surface element board has relays that regulate the power supply to the burners. There are two different types of elements which are commonly used on electric stoves. … Reaching this switch can vary depending on the style of your electric cooktop. You may or may not see visible damage as the cause. The electric cooktop was designed so that each burner is a separate entity. Email. Gas Grills, Appliances. I have a Frigidaire glass top stove model number: FEF368GCA the "expandable element" is only half working. Last night, nobody at home couldn’t turn off the left front burner from the kenmore electric/glass top range 790.9611340A. Lastly, use a multimeter to test the surface element for continuity. If any of the preceding symptoms affirm your diagnosis, then carefully follow along as we explain how to test the continuity of each burner. If one or more of the relays fails, the surface element won’t work. Groups: Registered Joined: 8/31/2009(UTC) Posts: 3. Most electric ranges function in a similar manor with only slight variations, mostly in oven operation. This happens with both sides of the range, but does not cross sides. If the elements are not heating up, then the receptacles may be faulty. The surface element switch sends voltage to the surface element coil. The burner control switch for the faulty burner is typically located behind the control knob. A visual inspection should be able to tell you if they are faulty or not. For electric cooktops that are hardwired to the circuit breaker. How to Restore a Dulled Electric Smooth-Top Stove Top. Whether your gas burners won’t light or your electric burners aren’t heating, we’ll provide the best local stove and range service technicians in the business.

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