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I do have a few additional comments on this quiz. COVID-19 Alert Level 1 Visitors to our buildings should check in using the NZ COVID Tracer app or register manually. The data is necessary for many useful applications and visualisations. Auckland’s south is a melting pot of cultures from around the world; a place where history, adventure and beautiful landscapes combine. New Zealand Electoral Address (Land Information New Zealand) New Zealand 2014 Clipped Meshblock Boundaries (Statistics NZ) Footnotes. As a suburb guide, I have found 'Where to live in Auckland' to be very detailed and on the whole accurate. Ferries to Waiheke, Half Moon Bay, Gulf Harbour & Pine Harbour Ferries to Northcote, Birkenhead, West Harbour, Beach Haven and Ferries to West Harbour, Hobsonville Henderson North is the location of Waitakere Hospital. Geographic boundaries covering New Zealand, available to download in compressed in zip format. Many applications that should make use of suburb shapes — even simple ones that would never in their lives be used to determine the location for a callout (data visualisations, suburb selectors etc) — are not being made, or are being made with less useful units, because the barrier to obtaining this data is too high. Just email me directly at igal.dvir@gmail.com with any questions, bugs, feedback or feature requests.. More Maps. Manawatu District Council. For the current status of council services and closures - … Rather than getting reports from a matching dataset that is merely months or years out of date on a boundary set that barely changes, they will instead be getting reports from a dataset that was constructed in a completely different way with far more chances for error. It is 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) west of Auckland city centre. This is no longer a valid calculus. The high property prices in central suburbs like Ponsonby have pushed middle-class home-owners out to Point Chevalier, increasing property values. In the final decision the Ombudsman stated: In summary, I am not persuaded that the public interest considerations in favour of disclosure, under s 9(1) of the OIA, outweigh the public interest in avoiding prejudice to the measures designed to protect public health and safety, and to prevent or mitigate material loss to members of the public. The only place in Auckland that would really count as dangerous is the seaward end of Queen Street and the seafront area, after about 10 o’clock at night, when there are drunk people inclined to get into fights. 1. The local council has funded these websites and they are compiled by population experts, .id. The established suburb of Epsom came in at number two on the list with 42.9% growth, while the up-and-coming suburb of Sandringham earned the number three spot with 41.2% growth. North Island (pdf, 1.5 MB) Northland (pdf, 302 KB) Waitematā (pdf, 1.1 MB) Auckland (pdf, 1.5 MB) Counties Manukau (pdf, 1.2 MB) Waikato (pdf, 1004 KB) Bay of Plenty (pdf, 679 KB) Taranaki (pdf, 475 KB) Lakes (pdf, 676 KB) Tairawhiti (pdf, 419 KB) In their response to the Ombudsman, the New Zealand Fire Service Commission stated: The consequences of people relying on products that used different definitions of locality boundaries had been seen when the ambulance services used a different product for registering the location of an incident to that used by the Fire Service, and an ambulance dispatched to the same incident as the Fire Service had gone to a different location. The concern, expressed by the NZFS, is that if the data were released without this requirement, online services would fail to keep pace with changes in boundaries, and thus people calling to report fires would accidentally give a neighbouring suburb. Sufficient data is now publicly available to construct a competing dataset from open sources. Melbourne School Zones. See his comment to this article for more details. It’s a bit of a posh suburb, with a mix of classic houses and modern establishments that are bound to keep you entertained for hours on end. NZ Fire Service suburb boundaries GIS layer 20 June 2019 at 14:57 (15 months ago) I am requesting a shapefile in particular the Auckland suburb boundaries (polygons) as … Help | Contact us ; Accessibility | Privacy | Creative commons It's been a pleasure to see quizzes like those going popular. Ask Phoebe: Finding posh suburb boundaries. Papatoetoe is situated 5 km east of Māngere. We are at the cusp of seeing two competing datasets exist, a scenario far worse for New Zealanders than a lack of updates. Access hundreds of free demographic and economic resources to help you make informed decisions. The population was 5,304 in the 2006 census, an increase of 741 from 2001. For years, the NZFS has refused to provide this data under any terms except a … Incorrectly specified suburbs or localities can come just as easily from the street address dataset as it could from boundaries — more so in fact since geocoding to an address is far more likely than checking boundaries. Overview: Maps of wards, local boards and boundaries of Auckland and affected Waikato local authorities Note: More detailed interactive maps of these boundaries are available on the Auckland Council's interactive maps website. The maps are generally based on officially gazetted suburb or locality boundaries. NZGB proposal report for Hillpark (PDF 508KB) – The NZGB considered this proposal report at its hui on 27 July 2020. The proposed boundaries for Hillpark generally follow Puhinui Creek to the north, State Highway 1 (Auckland Motorway) to the east, Alfriston Road to … It was formerly part of Manukau City until the 2010 amalgamation of all of Auckland's councils, and is now under the governance of Auckland Council.. The data is maintained by the New Zealand Fire Service Commission (NZFSC) and has been the subject of one of the longest running OIA disputes in NZ. When Koordinates applied to the Ombudsman to resolve the issue in 2014, the Ombudsman refused the request. Where this is the case, it is usually explained in the description. Report. To officially name Hillpark in Manurewa, Auckland, as a suburb with defined boundaries. With the availability of this information the concerns of the NZFS are no longer valid. This is a a follow-up to my first Auckland Suburbs map. Taranaki Regional Council. Sydney School Catchment Map New Auckland - Kirkwood suburb boundaries and map along with the latest demographic data in an accurate, easy to use website. Papatoetoe is a suburb in Auckland, New Zealand.One of the larger suburbs of the area commonly known as South Auckland, it is located to the northwest of Manukau Central, and 18 kilometres southeast of Auckland CBD. NZ Locality information is now available, for any address in New Zealand, publicly via the, Many areas in New Zealand publicly gazette their boundaries, for example. You’re not allowed to provide the data to anyone else in any form that might possibly be reverse-engineered, unless they also agree to the same license. As always, with these kind of ratings, there is a lot of 'but it depends': what exactly are you looking for, what matters to you, who are you asking, etc. Council websites North Island. And this leads us to the main reasons why this is now urgent: If #2 happens — and it will because #1 is highly motivating — the NZFS will have unwittingly created its worst nightmare. Henderson is a major suburb of West Auckland, in the North Island of New Zealand. Tararua District Council. By not releasing the NZ Localities dataset, the New Zealand Fire Service is actively generating the conditions for this situation to re-occur, and on a much wider scale. Masterton District Council. The fact remains that what Waiheke, as a place, has moved on, for better or worse -like it or not its basically a suburb of Auckland and this will only be reinforced further as the years go by. This is a list of suburbs in the Auckland metropolitan area, New Zealand, surrounding the Auckland Central Business District. You are viewing this page without javascript. voomMAPS.com has been disabled. The files contain the following geographic layers: meshblock (MB), area unit (AU), urban area (UA), territorial authorities (TA), regional council (RC), wards, General (GEDs07) and Māori (MEDs07) electoral districts. Auckland Council. The result: a rough starting point to build a proper suburb dataset, from CC-BY licensed data sources. The proposed boundaries for Hillpark generally follow Puhinui Creek to the north, State Highway 1 (Auckland Motorway) to the east, Alfriston Road to the south and Great South Road to the west. Similarly, an application using various currently gazetted boundaries could suffer from the same update problem the NZFS purports to solve via their license. Location boundaries (map) Downloads. The justification given was that on balance, the NZ Fire Service had a point about the health and safety issue and that this outweighed the benefit of the public availability of the information. Get the data out there, via demonstrably responsible parties like Koordinates and LINZ who can offer the data to application developers in forms that are easy to update or self-updating, and we minimise the negatives and avoid a disaster scenario. The second point is ostensibly necessary to ensure that nobody simply rips the dataset off, however its actual effect is to drastically reduce the usefulness of the dataset — modern mapping solutions provide extremely high resolution imagery and any attempt to accurately render boundaries onto them is necessarily providing sufficient information to reverse engineer a functional equivalent. The effectiveness of those measures depends on those using it being required to use the most up-to-date (and unmodified) version of the dataset. ... Avondale and the country's most racially diverse suburb - … I’m not the only one who is pointing this out, Hamish Campbell has been on this for years. Suburb boundaries do change over time and in some cases suburbs have been joined together or split to facilitate demographic analysis. Suburb boundaries for New Auckland - Kirkwood and surrounding areas are available in maps with a written description in profile.id. This never happened, but it needs to happen now, before it’s too late. Henderson is a suburb of West Auckland, New Zealand. In 2016 Auckland Council recognised Hillpark as a Special Character Area. North Island map; South Island map . Prepare to extend your mental boundaries of what counts as 'Auckland' - something property experts say droves of people are beginning to do. The shape of Auckland super city has been decided, with the boundaries being unveiled this morning. The maps are generally based on officially gazetted suburb or locality boundaries. Waterview, to the west, was created as a state-house suburb from 1944 to 1947. You can make your parcels work round you. They are broadly grouped into the local government areas that existed from 1989 to 2010. The area is a mere 10-minute distance from Auckland’s central business district, granting you easy access to all the best urban destinations. centre. New Zealand is losing out as a result. .id community is an evidence-base for over 250 local government areas in Australia and New Zealand, helping you make informed decisions. Carterton District Council. The NZ Localities dataset will then be released through the Department of Internal Affairs data.govt.nz website and will be available at no cost to the public (as per current access protocols) directly from NZFS under CC licensing.”. voomMAPS.com has been disabled. There is no doubt that completely unlicensed distribution of the dataset would undermine this. Hillpark (Hill Park) is a suburb in Auckland, New Zealand.It is bordered by suburbs of The Gardens on the east and Manurewa on the south. South and East Auckland map Sparkling blue waters, white-sand beaches, rolling countryside, boutique wineries and the largest native rainforest in the East Auckland region. The NZ Transport Agency is arranging a meeting with Auckland District Health Board to consider a number of options. Please provide the boundaries of this suburb Yours faithfully, Luke----- Melbourne suburb boundaries overlaid on Google Maps. Contact. voomMAPS.com has been disabled. Suburb boundaries for New Auckland - Kirkwood and surrounding areas are available in maps with a written description in profile.id. Subject: Official Information request - Boundaries of Cracroft Suburb Dear Christchurch City Council, Cracroft is a legally defined suburb under the New Zealand Geographic Board (Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa) Act 2008. Datasources. For years, the NZFS has refused to provide this data under any terms except a restrictive license, and it has to stop. The maps below outline the boundaries for all regional, district and city councils in New Zealand. Finally, An Answer To Why So Many People Voted For Trump, The Real Reason Trump is Still Refusing to Concede, What Science Says About Vitamins and Supplements for Covid-19, The Five Most Ridiculous Ways People Have Died in History, 20 Things Most People Learn Too Late In Life, The Modern World Has Finally Become Too Complex for Any of Us to Understand, You must update your data when boundary updates are released (about quarterly). Auckland wards, local boards and boundaries. The boundaries of New Zealand suburbs and localities is held by the New Zealand Fire Service. At a more basic level, we can simply ask if Auckland’s boundaries are in the right place. New Auckland - Kirkwood, Gladstone Regional Council, Queensland - population 3,992, New Auckland - Kirkwood suburb boundaries, Agnes Water - Seventeen Seventy suburb boundaries, Boyne Island - Wurdong Heights suburb boundaries, Clinton - Byellee - Callemondah suburb boundaries, South Trees - Glen Eden and Surrounds suburb boundaries, Tannum Sands - Benaraby suburb boundaries, Gladstone Regional Council area suburb boundaries, Gladstone Regional Council area community profile, Gladstone Regional Council area economy.id, Demographic resource In 2009, NZ data provider Koordinates, who offer a stunning array of geographic data to the New Zealand public for free, requested the boundaries for the suburbs and localities of New Zealand from the NZFS under OIA. The Auckland Plan - Belonging and participation outcome: Voter turnout (Local Body elections) PDF download 315.1 KB The Auckland Plan - Belonging and participation outcome: Deprivation Thank you all for taking my Auckland suburb quizzes so numerously! Public consultation is open between 9 September and 9 November, 2020. The OIA was refused unless Koordinates were willing to agree to the license, a license which includes some key terms: The first point is the justification for the license. Auckland Find out what area of Auckland is within the Across town boundary and therefore charged at the Across town postage rate when using our Rate Finder. ... Each suburb … This map provides ICB Conference delegates with key locations around Auckland. The boundaries of New Zealand suburbs and localities is held by the New Zealand Fire Service. It is expected that prior to end of 2014, and subsequent to establishing NZFS as custodian, NZFS will release the NZ Localities dataset under a new Creative Commons licence (CC variation yet to be defined). As I outlined earlier, the only authoritative suburbs dataset for New Zealand is the NZ Localities dataset. LGC Ak D1 WaikatoWards type: pdf, size: 1.5 MB The report has been updated to note the NZGB’s decision to consult for two months. - There were a few suburbs where Google Maps didn't show boundaries, but I thought they were important, so I tried to add them in using imprecise hand-drawn boundaries.

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