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Various factors contribute to choosing the best colors. Bass have very keen vision—in fact, their eyes are very similar to ours, and they are able to see most of the same colors we can. So it just makes sense that the best crappie lures are in contrasting colors. Weighing 1/16 or 1/32 ounces, it can be fished in a number of different ways, from vertical jigging to twitching underneath a bobber. Muddy Water Baits! One of the best crappie baits for stained water is a jig tipped with a minnow. Tie a jig a foot to four feet below the bobber; the depth most of my jig fishing is for bass but carrying it over to other species, for crappie and other panfish l generally use white or natural baitfish colors in clear water going to yellow and chartreuse in dingy water. If we were to recommend our best fishing line for crappie, then it would be a monofilament line. Vibrating Jig Sunny days will find crappie suspending just beneath the surface in muddy water lakes. At times, Driscoll will swap over to a spinner head jig with a willow leaf blade attached. In muddy water, we use black and browns tipped with a minnow. In fact, try fishing dark lures in clear water on clear days, and it appears the crappie have trouble distinguishing the lure from tasty bugs and other bait on which they normally feed. Spinnerbaits-----I install a larger blade one or two sizes up depending on if the spinnerbait can handle it. On the other hand, when water is clear and the fish can get an unobstructed look at the bait, it's best to go with softer, more natural colors. Seasonal impacts do play a part, but the two biggest factors are water clarity and sunlight conditions. That super bright florescent yellow-green jig color seems to work regardless of water clarity. “I recently fished in the Mermentau River; the water was so muddy that my jig disappeared when it hit the water. Lighter colors for clearer water. Stay shallow as that's where red, orange and 1,221 talking about this. He said the willow blade, in either gold or silver color, helps crappie find the bait through their lateral line because of the vibration of the blade in the water. Some of the best crappie fishing I've had was in muddy water. These are a go to for pros on the professional crappie circuit and have … A main consideration is water clarity. Other colors work well, but maybe not quite as well. If you are on the search for crappie, it is best if you can use a boat and hover over the areas where they feed. Muddy Water has a plastic body that is durable enough to stand up to dock shooting, while keeping in mind, that the body must be soft enough and realistic enough for the crappie … In actual muddy water I want my bait to be as "solid appearing" as possible, so I go old school with a Stanley blk/bro/red/orange original living rubber jig - silicone skirts need not apply. Always have pure white, full yellow, and black jigs too, when water is super-clear. Ellis talks jigs, colors, how to work the jigs, what depth to target, getting out and finding deep cover, and several other nuances to help you be more successful vertical jigging crappie on Kentucky Lake. A jig tipped with a live minnow, jigs as stated above and road runners are all great baits. "For fishing muddy water, I like bright colors such as orange and chartreuse, pink and chartreuse, or lime and chartreuse. Alright, maybe not quite, but at … The water might be 6 feet deep, but the fish suspend 3 feet deep. Most of my success in stained/muddy water has been the Whether it’s a river system where the main artery scours the landscape and sends loads of sediment though its reservoir, or simply those hillside drains that funnel muddy water into the backs of pockets. Some of the best crappie jigs are also the simplest, like the Eagle Claw Crappie Jig. However, other great jig Sunny and Clear Water : Bass see more detail in the water, stick with translucent natural colors. The Best Crappie Jig Colors For Any Situation Crappie Fisher . Same goes for muddy water, the sun will penetrate more so instead of using a bright color on a bright day, go with a dark solid color on a bright day in muddy water. Murky: In case you haven’t gotten the trend yet, the best baits for murky water will feature lots of action-causing appendages, a large profile, and dark colors … Muddy Water Baits sports a bulky, durable, and heavily garlic scented crappie jig in 30 colors! Sometimes three-different colors on a jig are great, like a red head, white body, and pink marabou tail. Muddy Water Baits . Many anglers testify that the best murky water crappie jig color is orange mixed with black. 3. And to hedge my bet I … Details About Crappie Jig Hks 4 Packs Mister Wobbly Eyes Chart Black Chart 1 32oz 6 Eyes Move . Darker colors for darker/muddy water. For muddy water, I like blacks,copper,orange, browns, reds, blues, greens. Also don’t be afraid to try unique darker colors like black, or red on your spinnerbaits when it’s muddy. Gerald Overstreet (Overstreet Guide Service, 251-589-3225) spends much of his time on Alabama River impoundments. Larger sized lure in bright colors fished slow, very slow. "If you prefer casting, the jig-n-float technique is excellent for when crappie move shallow for their spawning run. I’ll spider rig with a 1/4-ounce jig tipped Best Crappie Jig Colors Dr. John Woods 04.08.20 Now here is a topic sure to generate some debate on the boat dock or around the rows of jigs hanging at the local bait shop. Anytime you are having a tough time with getting the crappie to bite, consider using these reliable colors of jigs. Best Muddy Water Crappie Jig Color Another factor that affects your muddy water crappie fishing is the jig color. Go-to Crappie Plastic Colors for Varying Water Clarity By Kyle Peterson & McKeon Roberts • Nov 26, 2018 Professional crappie angler Tim Blackley takes a moment to share his favorite crappie plastic colors for water clarities ranging from muddy to clear. “You can catch fish in muddy water — they can see it,” Royer said. Following much experimentation, owner Travis Bunting has developed a plastic body strong enough and realistic enough to take quite a beating and yet remain soft enough and realistic enough for the fish to hang on and not spit it out. For instance, when water clarity is poor (visibility a foot or less), many pros use spinnerbaits with chartreuse or yellow skirts or crankbaits in a "fire tiger" pattern — orange belly, chartreuse sides, dark green back. Spring rains, snow melt, a good summer tropical system—nature uses several methods of filling lakes and rivers, but such inflows always bring some level of mud. We catch a lot of crappie in this video and talk about Ellis's vertical jigging approach that he's perfected over a couple decades of winter crappie fishing on Kentucky Lake. Pairing up the top 2 crappie baits forms a sort of super bait. Once you find the right location, the rest is simply dropping the jig straight down into the water and waiting for the crappie to bite. Jig Heads Curly Tail Jigs Cam's Slow Death Crappie Hooks Cam's Nasty Bend "Minnow" Hooks Cam's 2" Swim - Vibrating Shad Glow-N-Dark Tubes Tube/Tri-Color Tubes Cam's "1.5" Fat Belly Thumper Muddy Water … Crappie Crazy Online Store is here to provide you, the Crappie Angler, with only the best Crappie Fishing Baits and Tackle available on the market today. Knowing the best colors to select for bass fishing can be a very simple thing. But, there are other factors you need to consider so … the best thing to do to be consistently successful at catching crappie is go when you can, as often as you can, fish different depths until you find the depth they prefer at that time, adjust jig color, size, action and scent to entice Muddy Water Baits has your answer! The flash and vibration produced by the bladed lure allows Crappie to … Muddy/Dirty Water Tips When fishing muddy or dirty water it is important to use bladed crappie jigs and lures. Travis Bunting uses worm nose jigs in the 2/0 size, 5/16th ounce jigs for most crappie fishing. Big Colorado blades move a lot of water, and should be staples on spinnerbaits while fishing in muddy water. A jig tipped with a live minnow, jigs as stated above and road runners are all great baits.

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