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Job knowledge and expertise: knowledge base, training, mentoring, ... Review the recommended raises, if any, and then finalize the evaluations. Plan the agenda for the meeting. Tyler does not appreciate how happy team members can affect his own job performance and continually upsets those around him. Head over to the lists for interpersonal skills and dependability to add to your self evaluation. Poor During the last performance review, the employee was achieving 50% of the company expected objectives, but now the employee is only achieving 20%. Unfortunately, though, these formal meetings are simply unavoidable. For example, let’s say your job is to run social media accounts for a company. When you are interviewing for a job, it's common to be asked about your greatest strengths and how they will help you perform on the job. Instead of just telling employees how that their performance is on-par, identify specific strengths worthy of praise. Paula seems to shrink when she’s around others and does not cultivate good relations with her co-workers. You want employees that turn in quality work and that work well with others. While thinking about writing self-performance reviews, it is very important to have effective phrases and words so that the impression you make is strong and realistic. Answering these questions will give you an accurate measurement of an employee’s performance. Ok, let’s discuss some points about the performance review phrases for productivity: First if you haven’t set an expectation for what the minimum productivity requirements are for the employee’s job role, it is going to be very difficult to stand up to any of the negative performance review … Descriptive words will also help your team members pinpoint their … He shares his job knowledge well with his peers. knowledge/skills for job. You should have received a plan an accountant position shortly after you were hired. Does the mention of a performance review get your heart racing 100mph and your palms sweaty? Has demonstrated desire to acquire additional skills/knowledge that will allow them to contribute to the fulfillment of the department’s goals. Review of performance once or twice in a year provides an objective or a sense of focus on the key performance or development issues. Check out viaMaven’s performance review generator for 3,000 more unique and descriptive phrases. ... Exhibits superior Knowledge of job content and requirements. He does appreciate that happy team members can affect his own job performance and this makes those around him unpleasant. ... How to Follow Up after a Job Performance Appraisal Session. As a leader, it can be a struggle for you to properly describe a behavior exhibited by an employee, so we tried to make it easier by listing over 100 performance review phrases below. Willingly provides training to others of developed skills and knowledge. Need to catch up (upskill) on certain aspects of the job. Make sure to ask your employees what you think management could be doing better. ... _____relies on his own knowledge and abilities without asking others for help and their expertise. To help an employee benefit from a performance review, you should use descriptive language. Dependent on your performance appraisal method and set of objectives, these phrases could easily help you become comfortable with giving necessary feedback. Use these top 75 quality of work performance review phrases to help your employees understand where they excel and where they may need to change. The secret is to craft your performance review comments in such a manner to be specific … Resistant to changes in skill requirements or job knowledge. Being a manager, in order to assess exactly this standard of a staff, the manager should know if that staff has deep knowledge or he lacks of knowledge about the job. Needs to acquire additional experience and knowledge in x, y, z to increase the possibility of career advancement. If you do not find the exact resolution you are looking for, then go for a native or higher resolution. Without a formal job description or, at the very least, a list of your job duties and responsibilities, evaluating your performance is virtually impossible. Rather than that dreaded blank piece of paper, hopefully, these performance review example phrases will … Performance review phrases for attitude: Many people do not understand that attitude is one of the most important factors that every company appreciated. Has some knowledge of related work. Fill your performance review with facts, figures, and specific dates. A significant component of this evaluation discussion is to share with the employee how your organization will assess performance.

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